Indian Polity - Previous Question For Degree Level Exam [ Part - 2]

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Indian Polity previous questions for competitive exams. Most of this are selected from various question paper. 

26.The budget session of Lok Sabha begins in the month of: February 

27.The maximum age limit for election to the office of the Vice President of India: No limit 

28.The number of languages in the Eighth Schedule when it was brought into force: 14 

29.What is the share of the members of the Legislative Council who are elected by the Members of State Legislative Assembly: 1/3 

30.What portion of  the members of the Legislative Council are elected by University graduates: 1/12 

31.What portion of  the members of the Legislative Council are elected by teachers: 1/12 

32.What portion of  the members of the Legislative Council are elected by local bodies: 1/3 

33.Who addresses the first parliament meeting after election: President 

34.In the original constitution the minimum voting age was fixed at: 21 years

35.Right to Education Act (RTA) has become legally enforceable law from: 1st April 2010 

36.The Article in the Constitution of India which provides for the appointment of a special officer for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes by the President of India: 338 

37.The National Human Rights Commission Chairman will be: A former Chief Justice of Supreme Court 

38.The National Policy for the empowerment of woman was issued in the year: 2001 

39.The power to control the expenditure of the Government of India rests exclusively with the: Parliament 

40.The provisions concerning the suspension of Fundamental Rights during emergencies was borrowed  from the constitution of: Weimar Constitution (Germany) 

41.In the parliamentary practices when did zero hour  intervention emerge in India:  1962 

42.In Union Territories, the Chief Minister is appointed by: President 

43.It is mandatory of the police to take an arrested person before the nearest magistrate within ___ hours: 24 

44.The association which is related to the formation of Right to Information Act: Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangatan 

45.The Constitution forbids the employment of children below the age of ____ in dangerous jobs: 14 

46.The law made by Judiciary is known as: Case law 

47.The maximum duration for which the Vice President may officiate as the President of India: 6 months 

48.The National Commission for Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe came into existence as per …… amendment of the Constitution: 65th

49.Which Article exempts Jammu and Kashmir from the category of ordinary states: 152 

50.The social disgrace abolished by Article 17 of the Constitution: Untouchability

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