Indian Polity- Previous Question For Degree Level Exam [ Part-1 ]

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Here you will get most repeated questions in competitive exam. This will help you prepare and achieve rank any exam so study following questions. If it has any mistake comment it in bottom of this post. 

1. When the Constitution was brought into force, the number of judges in the Supreme Court  besides the Chief Justice was: Seven 

2. The power to establish a common High Court for two or more states belongs to: Parliament 

3. Which High Court has jurisdiction over Lakshadweep: Kerala 

4. The Contigecy Fund of a State is in the nature of an imprest, is placed at the disposal of : Governor 

5. The Fundamental Rights listed under which Article are automatically suspended on the proclamation of emergeny due to war: 19 

6. A member of Public Service Commission can be removed only on the report of: Supreme Court 

7. A political party is recognised national or regional by: Election Commission 

8. Proclamation of emergency due to break down of Constitutional machinery has to be approved by Parliament within ......:  Two months 

9. Proclamation of Financial Emergency has to be approved by Parliament within ......:  Two months 

10.The Twelfth Schedule is related to the responsibilities of: Municipalities 11. When was the ninth schedule added to the Constitution: 1951 

12.Which emergency has so far not been declared: Financial 

13.Who determines the composition and conditions of service of a Public Service Commission: Governor 

14.Proclamation of national emergency automatically suspends: Right to freedom 15.The Constitution provides .... methods to amend the Constitution: Three 

16.The enforcement of Directive Principles depends mainly on: 

17.The first state bifurcated after the State ReorganisationAct of 1956: Bombay 

18.The work of the general purpose committee is to advise: Speaker 

19.Which writ is called the bulwark of personal freedom: Habeus Corpus 

20.Who nominates the members of Anglo-Indian Community to the Legislative Assembly if they are not adequately represented in the Legislative Assembly: Governor 

21.Which Article of the Constitution is related to Legislative Council: 168 

22.The minimum age to become the member of Legislative Council: 30 

23.The Legislative Council is presided over by: Chairman 

24.Who will preside over the Legislative Council in the absense of the Chairman: Deputy Chairman 

25.How many Indian states have Legislative Council: 7 

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