Degree Level question and answers for kerala public service commission

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👉Junior Employment Officer(20-05-2017)

  • Mixture _____ are  Called 'syn gas'. Identify the mixture. 

      Ans:CO &H2

  • The compound called blue vitriol is
    Ans:Copper Sulphate 

  • What is the hybridization of carbon in HC///N
    Ans: sp

  • Human Body is an example  for_____
    Ans:  Open  System 

  • What  is the energy change  of a system when it absorb  15kj of heat and does 5kj of work 
     Ans: 10 KJ

  •  Which temperature is called absolute zero
       Ans:  -273.15°

  • The metal present in chlorophyll is
     Ans: magnesium

  • Indian sports research institute is located at
    Ans: Patiala

  • The first cinemascope film in India
    Ans: kagaz ke phool

  • The power to decide an election petition is vested with
     Ans: high court

  • World first bank to deploy a robot for customer service
     Ans: HDFC

  • Who wrote the famous book who wants to be a millionaire
    Ans: lavone Hicks

  • Where is the headquarters of FIFA governing body situated
    Ans: Zurich

  • Name the first solar ferry boat of India between vaikom to thavanakkadavu 
     Ans: Aditya

  • which team is the second highest winning FIFA world cup
    Ans: Germany and Italy

  • VT bhattathiripad and his friends conducted Yachana Yatra in 1931 from
    Ans: Thrissur to kasaragod

  • name the person who is related to the foundation of the servants of the Mary immaculate
     Ans: kuriakose Elias chavara

  • The name of the social reformer who was called abusively as pandi parayan by the Savannah
     Ans: thaikad  ayya Swamy

  • Name of the Diwan who banned and confisticated the newspaper swadeshabhimani in 1910
    Ans: p rajagopalachari

  • Which river is also known as thalayar
   Ans: pambar

  • The place muziris was known in ancient Kerala history as
    Ans: harbour city
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